Life as an artist

I believe that life is meaningful. Art is a way to express that. Art is proof that something beyond us is creating the beautiful things that connect us. Socially and culturally we are connected through art.

There is no need to justify your life as an artist. We are simply doing things out of expression.

But you must always be weary of an artist. Integrity and authenticity are important. Art has become a science to those who wish to fool you into trickery. The only way to test true art is to allow time to move with it. Real art stands the test of time.

There are many wolves in sheep's clothing out there. Just as there are doctors who are in the pockets of big pharma there are also plenty of artists in the pockets of corporate greed. It takes an artist to know an artist.

We are all artists when we allow our true spirit to create.


© 2020 Adam Bailie